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Jacline is from Hungary. This youngster thatís just out of teenagehood has the tightest body around with nicest C cupped fake tits. The blonde vixen is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs only 111 pounds. Brown eyed beauty thatís busty and sexy is relatively new to the industry but is already carving a name for herself.

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Date added: 04-15-2011 Rating:
Like 88
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Date added: 10-23-2010 Rating:
Like 36
Dislike 4
Date added: 06-24-2010 Rating:
Like 77
Dislike 2
Date added: 07-22-2009 Rating:
Like 29
Dislike 1
Date added: 05-25-2009 Rating:
Like 28
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Date added: 05-21-2009 Rating:
Like 40
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Date added: 01-13-2008 Rating:
Like 56
Dislike 3